Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Park City Week 1

I guess I've almost been in Park City for a week already! Testing started yesterday, but I arrived a few days early to acclimate, see my teammates, and show up for the Fast and Female event on Sunday. We had 135 girls show up to Fast and Female. That must be some kind of record! Before the event started, Sadie put a pink mullet wig on my head because I wasn't sporting enough pink. It was a little frightening to look at, but luckily I didn't have to look at myself. Hopefully I didn't scare too many of the girls. Erika and I were in charge of the youngest girls and they were absolutely adorable. We made tutus with them, listened to inspirational speeches, and moved through about 6 different stations that were put on by athletes from all different winter sports including alpine skiing, nordic skiing, biathlon, speed skating, and freestyle. I think the event was a huge success and the four hours flew by.
My buddy Grace :)
Jessie applying some glitter

135 girls!
A little scary

Tutu Making!
Yesterday morning was our first day of testing. Between today and yesterday, I'm doing two VO2Max treadmill tests, a hemoglobin test, body composition, strength and mobility, and a blood test to make sure my iron is fine. The tests themselves actually don't end up taking very long, but we end up spending most of the day at the COE and are pretty drained by the end. Testing is going well so far, but I'm looking forward to getting outside for training tomorrow.
Gus helping me off the treadmill yesterday

No more nose plugs till June!

sadzarue pushing to her limit

Everything else is going well! I'm rooming with Sadie in the master suite in our condo and we're sharing a king size bed. It's quite romantic and it's been fun to have some quality Sodie time since we haven't seen each other since May! I made chili the other night and Jessie, Holly, Kikkan, Erika, and I brought it up to the top of Empire Pass for a sunset picnic. The first few days I was here it was cold and snowing, but the last couple days have been sunny and beautiful, so you never know what you're going to wake up to at this time of year! I finish up testing this afternoon and will start the training camp tomorrow.

Snow and Utah foliage

some muddy running
Picnic on Empire Pass
Chili delivery!
run up at Deer Valley
snow outside of our condo the other day
Sadie's new nickname
Sodie time!