Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm currently sitting in the airport shuttle on our way to the Calgary Airport while Erika is sitting in the seat next to me imagining all the possible things that could go terribly wrong. It's dumping snow and slush and our big shuttle bus keeps sliding around even thought we can't be moving more than 30 mph. I guess we timed that one nicely! We had 8 days of beautiful sunny weather in Canmore. I didn't start getting sick of the 2 km loop we were skiing until yesterday, so it was a good week. We did a lot of distance training, some intervals, two time trials, and a beautiful distance ski and run to wrap up the camp.
Pretty Canmore ( photo)

Ida and Sophie ( photo)
Getting on snow made me excited for the season and Canmore is an awesome little town to have a training camp in. My typical day consisted of waking up to coffee and breakfast with my roommates, Jessie and Ida, while we skimmed the US news on our computers and listened to the Canadian news on the TV. The top Canadian stories tended to be about topics such as a new baby elephant being born at the zoo. Ooooh those gosh darn Canadians, no wonder they're so nice! After breakfast we would head up to Frozen Thunder and do our morning workout, eat some jelly beans (they're all gone!), have lunch, and put our feet up for a couple hours. We would usually go to the local coffee shop, Beamer's, to get one of the tastiest muffins in the world, head back up to the venue for our second workout, then come back to make dinner and go to bed. We were doing a lot of training and days were busy, but we settled into a nice routine and the camp went by very quickly.
Ida and me chasing Smutna in the sprint final

Dakota, Andy, and Simi in the sprint final 

We made some progress with the jelly beans!

Ida's foot vs. Skyler's foot
We finished the camp with a sprint race, a 10k classic time trial, and a 3.5 hour combo workout in the last three days. I was happy with how I felt for both time trials and am now exhausted and ready for an easy week. I have about 2.5 weeks at home before I head to Europe. I can't wait to see my family and friends and eat everything I won't have in Europe, including but not limited to sushi, mexican food, burgers, and VT maple syrup. 

Communitea lunch date with the girls

Typical morning lighting in Canmore

Taking a nap on the moss during our run
Ben with the town of Canmore behind him

Erika and I unintentionally wore the exact same travel outfits