Thursday, October 17, 2013

Park City in Photos

In 24 hours we will be in Canmore! Park City camp flew by. After we finished testing, we had two weeks of really solid training with an impressive number of skiers from all over the country. We did a couple speed workouts, practiced agility, did a sprint workout, some distance running, and spent a lot of time in the COE taking advantage of having our strength coach and PTs there. I've been feeling really good and the team looks strong. Here is a recap of what we've been up to in photos - we've been BUSY!
USST Fundraiser at Mike Engel's house
Kikkan sporting our new pink puffies and some pants (and a lollipop, hair, and flowers) to match

Snow on our rollerski!

Holly and Kikkan all smiles at Soho

Andy practicing the "crazy legs" drill at agility practice

Erika and me working together during intervals

 Scenic runs

some Annie time :)

Our last workout of the camp and we finished it off by climbing up to the "PC" letters on the hillside

Annie getting artsy with the camera

Simi and Erik

Girls team sushi night

Team photos

Sodie neck massages

Parker and Hannah got engaged AND gave me a lifetime supply of jellybeans

Team photo shoots with Matt the giant
We arrive in Canmore tomorrow for a snow camp. This will be my first time skiing on snow since Bend Camp in May, so I'm looking forward to bundling up and putting away my rollerskis for a couple of weeks. We will be there for about a week and a half before returning home for 2.5 weeks before Europe. Canmore is one of the more beautiful places I've traveled to, so I will try to take some photos to show it off!