Monday, June 29, 2015

Interval Day in Photos!

We've had a couple big weeks of training in Stratton and I'm ready for a recovery week before heading to New Zealand next week to SKI ON SNOW. I've never been to New Zealand and to say I'm psyched is an understatement, but first things first, back to the past couple weeks in Vermont. Minus the three hour rainy mud/river/trail run we did yesterday, things have been pretty nice. It hasn't been too hot, but it's been plenty humid, and pretty buggy. It's not perfect, but it could be a lot worse. On Saturday we had a classic interval session on our training plans and Jessie got in touch with friend and photographer, Reese Brown, who came over for the day to shoot some photos for us. Huge thanks to Reese for making the trip over and capturing all these awesome shots pictured below! 

Reese came over to Stratton on Saturday morning for our classic intensity workout. Before starting our intervals, we all sharpened our pole tips and grouped up to discuss some goals for the workout. After explaining the workout to us, Coach Pat had us each share something we thought we could bring to the workout and something we were hoping to work on during the workout. Personally, I think I'm a smooth level 3 classic strider, so I was willing to let people hop in behind me during those intervals. Areas that I can improve in are keeping my workouts in true L3 and working on staying relaxed, but strong, while double poling. 

Coach Pat sharpening our pole tips before the intervals
Annie, Annie, and Erika sporting their matching Podium Wear T2 tank tops
We headed out on the flats for the first half of our interval session to do some double poling. We took turns leading and following because it's important to feel the difference and practice drafting and skiing in a pack. When you have a head wind and can feel the effect of drafting so much, it's a great opportunity to ski with someone who is a stronger double poler than you are by hopping in their draft and learning a thing or two!
Sim and Paddy warming up for intervals in their matching Craft outfits

Pack of ladies following Jessie and her impressive double pole

After the double pole intervals, we headed to the steep stuff to get some striding practice in. We've put a huge emphasis on double poling so far this summer, so it felt good to get some different muscles firing and practice our striding. Threshold striding intervals are one of my favorite workouts because if you can nail the pace and the technique, you can be moving along really quickly, but also have it feel really graceful. It's tough to always do both, but every once in awhile you can and it feels GOOD.

Train of girls

Our cabooses!




Paddy and Sim

Reese took a ton of great photos and here are a few more good ones from our cool down after the intervals. 

The girls' team coming up over the hill. (We don't usually ski across the road like this)

Happy to finish intervals for the week!

Diggity Dog head on

All smiles
That's all for now! Again, thank you to Reese Brown for taking the time to come visit us. My next update will be from New Zealand!

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