Monday, June 8, 2015

Back to the East!

The day after Park City camp officially ended, the perfect PC weather we know made an appearance. I had decided to stay through the weekend to make up the testing I had missed when I was sick at the beginning of the camp, so I got to experience a few beautiful days. I think the highlight of the extra weekend was our trip to go skydiving. I had never been skydiving before, but Jessie is a big fan and had a group trip set up down in Ogden, Utah. Thanks to Ogden Skydiving for showing us a good time!

Getting ready to dive

Matt showing off his skydiving certificate
Ready to go!

Happy campers
Run at Deer Valley with Erika and Rosie

The Monday after testing, I flew back home to VT. After a day of rain, the skies cleared and we had a few days of beautiful summer weather. My SMS T2 teammates are starting to trickle in for the summer and I was able to enjoy some workouts with the Annies, Ben, and coach Pat. By the end of this week, just about everyone will be back! The goal of last week was recovery for me. By the end of the camp, I was tired. We did a lot of training, I came into it a little sick, and then I capped the camp of with testing and I was very ready for a rest week. After a handful of easy workouts with my teammates, I headed to Boston for a weekend off and one of my best friend's bachelorette weekends. It was a fun girls' weekend that consisted of pretending to be a city person, watching the Red Sox win, eating delicious food, and my first hot yoga experience ever. We had a blast and now I'm looking forward to being in southern VT for awhile and getting into the rhythm of summer training.

What's your goal for the season?

Treadmill testing with Matt
AP doing some double pole intervals with coach Pat following on the bike

A lovely run on the AT with Annie and Ben

Mae's bachelorette party in Boston

Oyster brunch

Red Sox game with the bride to be

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