Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Park City Update

Park City camp has come to a close for most of my teammates, but I'm sticking around for another week to do some more dryland and hammer the physical therapy while I have access to the US Team support. Most of the team headed north to Canmore to do some skiing at Frozen Thunder. The skiing looks good and the skiers look fast, so be sure to follow their updates! In the last two weeks, my training has consisted of hiking and a little leg and core strength training. I'm pretty lucky to have coaches that hop on the treadmill next to me to do hiking intervals. Matt did my first hiking intervals with me and Gus did my second day of intervals with me, all while making it look pretty easy.
I also have a set of wonderful teammates who showed up to my treadmill intervals as cheerleaders

Matt helping me sweat it out on the treadmill 
While the team was still here, I was able to go cheer them on during a couple of their time trials at Soldier Hollow. I planted my self on Hermode's Hill because that is by far the most brutal part of the race and did a few speed walks up next to them to make sure they made it over the top.
All smiles (except for Ben) after the time trial
Helping push Sadie up the hill (figuratively) 

Me, Jessie, and Sades

Canadian Thanksgiving! The SMS T2 team celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving each year we are in Park City and this year's meal didn't disappoint. Pat cooked up a delicious turkey that was supplemented with gravy, stuffing, brussel sprouts, salad, homemade bread, and every kind of pie. 
Sadie, Kikkan, Grover, and Rosie are in town until tomorrow, so I've had some nordorks to play with the past couple days. I've also met up with some old friends who live here, which has been really fun because they can show me around the town they're much more familiar with.

Morgan Smyth took me on an adventure and we bagged some new peaks I had never been on

Morgan and her dog Sam way above Park City

Sadie, Rosie, and me on top of Bald Mountain. It looks like it's snowy for some reason. It is not. We did have a three minute hail storm yesterday, but that quickly passed and we woke up to blue skies again this morning. 

A pile of buddies
I had a followup doctor's appointment with my surgeon today and he said everything looks great. I even got a new cast that I got to pick the colors for. I can take it off to shower and stretch and it's a little smaller, so I might be able to stuff it into a few of my shirts. He also cleared me to run and do some one pole rollerskiing, so I'm looking forward to switching training up from here on out.
Blue and beautiful!

I head back east a week from today and go to NYC for a few days to attend the US Ski Team Ski Ball before heading back to Vermont. In other exciting news, my club team, SMS T2, just received a challenge grant. If we can raise $25K, we will get a matching donation! This means our program can continue running for another year. For more information and a link to donate, please visit HERE.
SMS T2 at summer training
I miss being with my teammates in Canada, but I will see them soon and am looking forward to spending another week in the Park City mountains and sunshine.

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