Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Last Week in VT Photos

I'm currently on my way out to Utah for our next USST camp. I won't be back in Vermont for a month! It's always sad leaving home, but I love being in Park City and I'm also looking forward to getting on snow in Canmore after Park City. This will also be the first time I've seen a handful of my Alaskan USST teammates since our July camp in Alaska! Park City camp goes until October 19th and then we head to Canmore until the 29th. Here are a few photos from the last week at home. More to come from the west!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Hanover to do a clinic with the Ford Sayer program. We had a great turnout of about 60 kids plus a bunch of parents and coaches. We split into groups and spent the first hour and a half working on ski walking technique, agility, and bounding. After the workout, we headed inside for some short talks and a Q&A. Thanks for having us Ford Sayer! (Annie H photo)
The crew! (Annie H photo)

Simi and I were in charge of the youngest kids a.k.a the snow leopards. (Annie H photo)

I went for my first bike ride since May and it was actually quite enjoyable. Luckily I was biking with Matt Boobar and Simi, who are both very good bikers, and they let me draft behind them the entire way. The loop we did in Manchester is one of my favorite road rides because of the endless amount of cornfields we bike by. 

It was fun, but I was tired after.

Apple picking in Dorset!

After our OD out to Little Rock Pond on Saturday, we ran into a couple going for a hike with their two pet goats. What are the chances?!? (Erika photo)

Annie, me, and Erika resting on the rocks at the pond (sver photo)

Jessie taking the plunge (Sver photo)

On Sunday morning I woke up early to do the Vermont 50 mile running race as a relay with two of my cousins. My cousin Heidi was a cross-country runner at Brown and my cousin Alexa was a lacrosse player at Brown who claimed she never understood why anyone would choose to do an endurance sport. We rubbed off on her and now she's the one dragging us all into 50 mile races. We ended up winning the race for women AND for men! I did the first leg, Alexa did the second, and Heidi was our anchor. Here is a photo of Alexa tagging off to Heidi and Heidi taking off with her perfect running technique and a smile!

Hanging out with Alexa after her leg

Getting some food while we wait for Heidi to finish

And of course some beer from our biggest fan, Grandpa

Photo collage from the day. It was fun to have my parents, Izzy, Dave, Uncle Tim, and Grandpa out as cheerleaders!
Leroy the cat showing off the world's fluffiest tail to my grandma, Twinkle.

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