Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bend to Park City

Bend camp came to an end last Friday and a group of us flew to Park City for a week to do some testing and a little more training at altitude. I was pretty psyched because after a handful of days consisting of walking for training, I was able to get back on snow the last two days of Bend. I wasn't sure what I was going to be able to do with my elbow, but it turns out skiing without poles and skiing with one pole is just fine! I've been doing a lot of no pole skating and hiking, so my legs are quite tired, but I'm so happy to be back training with the team! The perfect weather streak in Bend continued until we left and Park City has been just as beautiful. When I arrived in Park City, I spent the weekend in Salt Lake with my friend Parker. She skied for the University of Utah and now works in Salt Lake and it was a lovely break. A big group of us went for an adventure up Mt. Olympus and then we had a relaxing Sunday spent fishing on the river. Fly fishing with only my left arm was a little interesting, but fishing really isn't about catching fish anyway, is it? I got another MRI on Monday and it looks like I won't need surgery on my elbow, so that is good news! I even got to hop in ski walking intervals with the team and we went to SoHo for a skate workout today. The rest of the team was doing speeds and since that probably isn't the smartest thing for me to be doing right now, I skied around with one pole and cheered them on. I made it my goal to ski up Hermod's seven times and my legs now feel like jello, but really good jello. Here are some photos from the past week. I head back to Stratton on Friday, just in time for my little sister's college graduation!

We hosted a Fast and Female in Bend. It was a huge success and here is our little friend Annie sporting a shirt Liz gave her. 

Fast and Female crew
Sunshine, snow,  and teammates

Autograph line!
Simi about to plunge into the polar

Enjoying our final evening in Bend by the river
Big thanks to Dave for providing us with PT in Bend!

Sodie getting ready to chow down on a pasta dinner made by the boys

Team dinner with our new friend, Liz Arky!
Liz, always making sure everyone is smiling

Back on snow!

Three girls in a big truck...don't tell Matt!
Jessie and Sadie making the one armed person drive. No really, don't tell Matt!

Women's team dinner and ice cream in Bend
Fishing with Parker and Hannah

Hannah, me, and Parker on top of Mt. Olympus

Big climb with pretty views and wonderful people
Park City

Back at it!

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