Sunday, February 9, 2014

Opening Ceremonies Photos!

This is our 5th day in the Olympic Village and a lot has happened in the past five days. The women's skiathlon was yesterday, the men's skiathlon was today, we had opening ceremonies Friday night, and there are always multiple events playing on our TVs providing us with plenty of entertainment. I'm very proud of all of our girls who raced yesterday. Jessie and Liz placed an amazing 8th and 12th respectively, Sadie was just out of the top 30 in 31st, and Holly had a tough one, but finished with a smile on her face like she always does. Our boys had a solid race this afternoon. Their race was 30 kilometers on some seriously tough courses. I was happy to be cheering from the side! Here are some more photos from the past few days. Most of them are from Opening Ceremonies because we were pretty freaking excited! Two more days until my first race!

Sunset Panorama around the pond in our village

How do you wear a turtleneck anyway? Don't ask Simi

Opening Ceremonies stadium



Marching in

SMS T2 at the ceremonies

Noah and me

Ready to go!

Sadie, me, and Holly
The girls

I guess we even made it on NBC!

A nice note from our neighbors, the Italian waxers

Group shot

All smiles at the ceremonies
Posing with Randy and Ida under the rings

Jessie, Andy, and me

America nails!


  1. Go Sophie! You used to babysit our kids when they visited grandpa peter and grandma susan in Peru and now they are routing for you from Oregon. Great blog!

  2. Those smiles! And of course, Jessie's phenomenal 'do :)

    Go you!

  3. Best Olympic Blog and Photo Combo I've seen !!! Thank you !!!

  4. Wonderful Photo Combo. Its as if I was there.