Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nove Mesto

We ended up staying in Nove Mesto for a few extra days because of the snow situation in Poland. There isn't any natural snow in Nove Mesto either, but they have the 2.2k loop that we raced on, so it's better than nothing! They've been grooming it every day and even though it's short and a little boring, it's pretty good skiing. Last weekend we had a skate sprint on Saturday and a classic team sprint on Sunday. I had a good race on Saturday and ended up 15th, but the highlight was watching Kikkan handily take the win. I'm so impressed each time I watch her race and she was definitely the strongest person out there that day. Simi and Andy also had solid days, both placing in the top 20. On Sunday, Ida and I teamed up for the classic sprint relay and placed 6th - improving two places from our team sprint in Asiago! Simi and Andy also had a great day and ended up 5th. I haven't done very many team sprints before, but they're quickly becoming both one of my favorite events and one of the toughest events for me. If you race in both the semi and the final, you end up doing 6 laps of the sprint course just about as hard as you can go! I don't have many pictures from the weekend, but here are a few.

The girls walking around town (Zuzana photo)

The loop (Zuzana photo)


Kik on top of the podium!

Ida and me on sprint relay day

The hotel cat

Kik sporting our new NNF buff!
Tomorrow afternoon we are packing up and heading to Szklarska Poreba, Poland. I will be racing a skate sprint on Saturday and a classic 10k on Sunday. This will be my first time to Poland AND coach Gus is meeting us there and spending the next few weeks with us! It will be a quick trip because after the races on Saturday and Sunday, we will be driving to Seiser Alm, Italy for our pre-olympic training camp. Matt, Liz, Jessie, and Noah have been recovering from the Tour in Seiser Alm for the past week and the pictures look incredible. If you want to watch the races this weekend live, you can do that at If you want to watch any past World Cup races, they are posted on a day or two after they happen. Thanks for following!

Seiser Alm (Matt photo)
Seiser Alm (Matt photo)

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