Friday, December 20, 2013

Davos to Asiago

Our ten sunny days in Davos flew by and we're now in Asiago, Italy preparing for a weekend of classic sprinting. I ended up catching a little cold last weekend, so I've mainly been focusing on getting healthy this week and therefore, not doing very much training. Last weekend's races consisted of a distance skate race and a skate sprint. On Saturday we had four girls and Noah all score points (top 30) in the distance race! Ida, Sadie, Andy, Simi, Mikey, and I all sat out the distance race and focused on the sprint on Sunday. We had four girls and two boys qualify in the top 30 on Sunday. I won my quarter final and raced my first semi final ever! Jessie and Kikkan also won their quarter finals and Sadie had some bad luck with a fall on the last corner, but she probably would have too ;). Jessie and I were in the same semifinal and we chose lanes starting right next to each other. I was pretty nervous, but having one of my best buds and teammate who I train with all summer toeing the line next to me helped me relax. We didn't ski great in our semifinal, but we were just happy to be there and I ended up 9th on the day and Jessie ended up 12th. It was my first top 10 on the World Cup, so I was pretty excited. Simi and Andy also skied great, barely missing moving on to the semi finals, so we had all four SMS T2 skier in the top 20 for the day! I wrote an NNF post about the day and the power of team that you can read HERE. We have a classic sprint tomorrow and a classic team sprint on Sunday. My family arrived yesterday and I'm so excited to have them here for some races and for Christmas!

Evening walk in Davos

Enjoying the sun with Sadie

Jason's napkin animal creation

Our awesome massage therapist, Fred, working on Jessie between heats

Kikkan taking her nap between prelims and heats

Liz, Ida, Andy, and I did a photo shoot for a VT bow tie company, but we couldn't find anyone who knows how to tie a bow tie! This nice man attempted to show us how.

I slipped on the ice in Davos and bruised my hand, but Fred fixed me up and Salomon sent me these spike shoes, so it won't happen again!

Jessie, Sophie, and Sadie

In our matching sunglasses!
One of the pretty views on our drive from Davos to Asiago

Christmas has come to our room in Asiago

Standing at the start/finish of the Davos sprint course with Sadie

Noah and I went to his friend Markus' house and had cheese fondue for dinner! I had never had it before and it was delicious. Thanks Markus!

Davos decks are great for stocking up on Vitamin D

Our team did a Secret Santa where we had to write a poem and give a gift. Here we all are posing with our gifts

Race Prep in Asiago
And the best Christmas present is having my family here with me!