Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back to VT

The final 5 days of Lake Placid went very well and now the T2 team is back in Stratton for a recovery week. The bigger workouts of our last few days in Placid were a continuous bounding workout, a long classic ski, and the annual Climb to the Castle. I was excited to still be feeling good by the end of the camp because usually I'm exhausted and it's a struggle to get out of bed each morning. This year, I saved that feeling for the two days after camp and have been sleeping A LOT.
All smiles after a skate ski in Lake Placid
Uphill skating is something I've been working on for awhile now, but it is still probably my weakness. The Climb to the Castle is all uphill skating with no downhills and a very small amount of flats. To put it lightly, let's just say it's not my favorite race. The fact that I don't particularly enjoy it probably makes it even more important for me to do and I will admit that the past two years it has gotten a lot better. Race start is at 8am each year, so we wake up very early to drive over and give ourselves time to warm up. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning driving over this year. The sunrise was beautiful and there was one cloud in the sky that happened to be hovering right on the top of Whiteface (where we'd be finishing the climb)! It was a brutal race, but we survived and I want to say a special congrats to my teammate Liz Stephen the mountain goat, who continues to rock it year after year! Check out a funny video coach Gus made about the climb HERE.

Happy to make it to the top!

The Lake Placid Crew
View of the road we raced up from the top of Whiteface

Off day treats in town!

SMS T2 beanie season!

The Lake Placid ducks
Everyone had a couple days off right after camp and most people took advantage of the time off to go visit friends elsewhere. I spent a few days with Dan before he left to go back to Haiti and now I'm back at Stratton. I think this is my favorite time of year in Vermont. The weather has been perfect. It's been sunny, in the 60s and 70s, and the leaves are starting to change. I will have to do some leaf peeping and take some photos for my next post. It's been so nice to be back and we're enjoying doing a lot of training with the SMS kids and looking forward to doing some fall activities like apple picking tomorrow!
Pretty VT evening

Bye bye!

Coach Chase Marston giving the SMS kids some tips

Sophie, Annie, and KO