Monday, August 19, 2013

SMS Camps and Skiathon

Yesterday was the final day of the annual SMS camps. The first half of the week was a BKL camp for kids ages 10-14 and the second half of the week was a junior camp for kids ages 14-18. Both camps were huge successes and I really enjoyed getting to know so many motivated kids. The BKL camp is all about staying active and playing a variety of sports while the Junior Camp is more ski specific, including more rollerski workouts and training talks. Check out the SMS Blog and the SMS Nordic Facebook Page to see tons of photos from the week!

Some dirty dudes

signing Louisa's shirt at the end of BKL camp

Eric and Sara

Izzy and Sage

Jessie doing ski walking intervals next to Sophie, Pip, and Sara during the mtn. run

Junior Camp!
Tire roll!

In addition to helping out with the camps, we hosted a Fast and Female power hour at each camp. The BKL Camp power hour consisted of a quick brainstorming session about negative pressures for girls to drop out of sports and positive reasons to stick with it. It was followed by a scavenger hunt around the campus where the girls had to complete challenges in order to reach their final destination and new Fast and Female buffs! The junior camp power hour focused on goal setting. We explained the importance of setting a goal, whether it is to complete two pull ups by the end of the fall or to go to the olympics. Once the girls set a results based goal, we had them complete a goal pyramid and fill out all the process goals they could think of that were going to help them meet their ultimate results based goal. We also explained to them the importance of sharing your goal with someone and therefore holding yourself accountable. After the goal setting, we went down to the gym and showed them the multiple ways to do an assisted pull up. Hopefully the girls enjoyed the power hours as much as the ambassadors did!
Junior camp girls
Sophie and Jessie - thanks Powerbar for sponsoring the event
Demonstrating an assisted pull up

Sophie, Jessie, Erika, and Isabel


BKL girls
I caught a little cold last week, but I'm hoping to be healthy enough to jump into our big week of training we have coming up. Mondays are always our day off so tomorrow is the start to a big week that will culminate with our annual 100km skiathon on August 25th. This was our biggest fundraiser last year and we're hoping it will be a success again this year. Each of us will be asking for donations to help support our ski season. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please visit and click on the donate button on the right, or send a check made out to Elite Nordic Fund to

Stratton Mountain School
C/O Gus Kaeding
7 World Cup Circle
Stratton Mountain, VT 05155

Be sure to specify the skier you are choosing to sponsor!

our 100km skiathon last summer


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