Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bend Wrap

Bend camp came to a close yesterday when we flew to Park City, Utah for a testing and altitude block. This was my first trip to Bend, so I didn't know what to expect, but people who had been there in years past said it was not a particularly good weather year. Luckily, we did get a beautiful day of skiing for our final OD of the camp. It's a little heartbreaking looking at the forecast for Bend this coming week because it looks beautiful, but so does Park City, so no complaints there! The SMS T2 athletes in Bend took advantage of the sunny day of skiing and had a little photo shoot. Don't let this deceive you - it was not like this every day! Most of the workouts were in variable conditions, preparing us for all kinds of competition weather.

Andy, Jessie, Sophie, Simi (Fish photo)

train of skiers (Fish photo)

jumping of course (Fish photo)
 Another highlight workout we did was 5 x 3 min double intervals on rollerskis. This was my 3rd rollerski of the year and my first hard workout of the year so it was a bit of a wakeup call! The Canadians joined us for this workout and it was fun to catch up with Peri and have her there to push us. It was a tough workout and a good start to the rollerskiing I'll be doing the next few weeks.
girls doing dpole intervals

boys doing intervals 
My foot had still been bothering me a little, but I was extremely luck to be able to work with podiatrist Dr. Ambrose Su in Bend. He very generously offered to help Sadie and me with our respective foot problems. We ruled out a stress fracture, which was a huge relief and figured out that I have some strained ligaments in my foot, but they should continue to get better with time and rest. Thank you Dr. Su for your help!
Pick up Stix with poles!

sporting our onesies (and bikinis)
women's team

I had the easiest travel day of my life yesterday. We left Bend late morning and had an 1:15 flight to SLC where we were picked up and brought to Park City. Park City has been beautiful so far and our condos are very nice. We are staying up in Deer Valley. I went for my first swimming workout with Sadie today and lasted for half an hour and it wasn't even that bad! Sadie is a VERY impressive swimmer and was going at least twice as fast as I was. Swimming is not my favorite sport and I don't really like to be in water period unless it's a hot shower, so this was a big deal for me. I have another one on the plan tomorrow so we'll see how that goes! I think I'll try to throw in some aqua jogging.

View from my walk this morning

Simi relaxing outside dinner last night

Nerd alert!
I will be staying in Park City until June 23rd because I have my rookie camp from the 20th-22nd. People will be heading out at different times throughout the next three weeks, but Jessie is also staying until the 23rd so I'm excited to have some quality training time (and sleepover time in the big king bed we're sharing) with her before heading back to VT. We have physicals and bloodwork over the weekend and treadmill testing on Monday and Tuesday. After testing, it's back to summer training and I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful dry Park City weather!