Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't Feed the Ducks!

The day after the Climb to the Castle was an easier day for everyone at the camp. The USST group had already been in Lake Placid for a week so most of them took the full day off but those of us who had only been there for a few days had an easy classic ski on the schedule. It was a beautiful fall morning and I did my ski with Annie Hart. We kept it very easy and took in our lovely surroundings.
Annie following me up a hill (Amy Caldwell Photo)
Our afternoon was highlighted by a trip into town for a snack, some bonding with ducks, and mini golf! We discovered a cute little bakery called Bluesberry Bakery that has delicious scones so we made our purchases then headed down to the lake to relax and devour. Annie and I had fun feeding the ducks at the lake little pieces of our scones until we looked up and read the very obvious sign that asked everyone not to feed the ducks. We were lucky not to be caught but unfortunately attracted quite a bit of attention from the ducks who pestered us until we left.
Annie and Erika at Bluesberry Bakery
Beautiful Lake Placid and a man with his (light) imaginary friend
After a relaxing time at the lake, we decided to go mini golfing. We go mini golfing every year in Lake Placid and it's always very entertaining. It's meant to be fun but when you get a group of athletes together to play any kind of game, things have the potential to become a little competitive. Erika, Jessie, Annie, and I were able to keep it fun and Annie and Erika played very impressive games while I'm pretty sure Jessie and I reverse podiumed for the day.
SMS T2 girls at mini golf (Sophie - Jessie - Annie - Erika)
Yesterday morning we did a skate speed workout. These were continuous so there was a loop set up with a few stations in each loop where we would sprint for 20-30 seconds. I felt good and it was fun to ski with the girls from other teams as well as the SMS girls who I've been skiing with all summer. The US Ski Team's PT, Kurt, is here for a few days and I've had a tight back lately so yesterday afternoon he showed me some exercises and I got electric stimulation and a heat pad on my back - it felt awesome! He knows a lot and has been very helpful so I think everyone is extremely grateful to have him here.
Speeds with Clare Egan and Jessie Diggins

Lots of speedy boys
This morning we woke up to...RAIN and lots of it. We had skate intervals on the schedule and we like to think the rain only made us tougher. It's supposed to rain all day but hopefully the weather clears up again for our last few days at the camp!
Skate Intervals in the rain - Amy Calwell photo (Liz, Ida, Jessie, Annie, Sophie) 
Annie and I are not the cleanest of roommates