Friday, July 5, 2013

Good to be HOME

It's good to be home and even though I still haven't completely unpacked from Park City, cleaned my room, or repacked to move into the T2 house, it's been so nice to be back with my family, friends, and team. As soon as we got back, we jumped right into the REG camp that was happening at SMS this year. It was a great group of motivated kids and I really enjoyed joining a few workouts, getting to know them, and participating in the skits. I usually dread skits because I'm not very good at acting, public speaking, or anything that falls into the category, but my skit group was a ton of fun to work with and all four skits were hilarious.
Some REG girls at the bottom of Stratton after the mtn run

Our skit group making fun of the coaches

The whole crew
Jessie and me during the dpole intervals
REG boys
The SMS T2 team is finally united and it's great to have everyone in one place. I hadn't seen a handful of my teammates for a couple months so it was time to get back! Annie and Simi are wonderful additions to the team and I know we're all very happy and lucky to have them. Between not moving into the T2 house yet and still not being able to participate in all the running workouts, I haven't spent as much time at Stratton or with the team as I'd like to (sorry guys!), but that's going to change starting this week. I'm looking forward to drinking Erika's coffee that is too strong in the morning, getting my roommate, Jessie, back, doing girly things like mud facials (?) with Annie P., and putting cilantro on EVERYTHING with Packer when I move into the house. We had a team dinner at my house the other night and Marina Knight of the T2 foundation came down to join us. It was great to catch up with her, go over some team goals, and get the team together in one place!
T2 Team minus Skyler with Gus and Sver

and Marina!
And...Packer got a little aggressive so we can't see poor Annie
Next week we're heading down to help out with a CSU camp for a couple days, but otherwise it's the usual training! Hopefully the heat and humidity drop a little, but everything is going well in Stratton. Happy 4th everyone!
Pretty sunsets 

Dudley Rose on her iPad bed

Back with my Izzle

ready for the 4th!

Happy 4th from Nantucket!

Happy 4th of July from Packer

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