Thursday, May 28, 2015

Park City Camp Update

Camps in Park City are always busy. Between training, eating, sleeping, and meetings, our days are usually filled right up. It's a good busy though, and we are lucky to be able to take advantage of the resources the U.S. ski Team offers while we are here - the C.O.E. gym, one of the nicest I've used, a U.S. Ski Team chef who makes meals at the C.O.E. each day, P.T.'s, sports psychologists, nutritionists and coaches. We're pretty lucky!

The 2015 U.S. Ski Team A and B team
Since getting healthy again last week, I've been really psyched to wake up and train each day. It's a good feeling to be genuinely excited to be doing this and to find something new to work on each day. Everyone on our team has different strengths and we've learned that the definition of "winning" a summer workout isn't necessarily being the fastest that day. Winning the workout is accomplishing your goals for the day and doing what is smart and best for you. No one wins the workout every day. Based on our strengths and how we're feeling each day, we know when it's our turn to lead, when it's our turn to follow, and when it's our turn to put our head down and hold on for dear life. Regardless of which role we fill, we're making gains as a team and that's a good feeling.
Hold on to Jessie for dear life in double pole intervals and then ski back and have lunch together

Take a quick power nap after a tough workout. 

First four hour OD of the year is no problem with good company

Staying on our feet!

Mid ski selfie with Jessie and Caitlin

Our Team
Okay, enough of the sappy team stuff. The training has been going well. We've done a lot of easy distance skiing, some speed work, strength, two threshold workouts, and a really hard double pole workout. I'm ending the camp tired and looking forward to a couple days of recovery. Everything is a little sore, but that means I'm doing something right. There are areas where I want to make big improvements this summer and I'm ready to work on them. I'll be here through the weekend to make up the treadmill testing I missed when I was sick earlier in the camp, then I'll fly to Vermont and stay there until we leave for New Zealand on July 7th. I can't wait to be back with my SMS T2 teammates in Stratton and I hope the warm weather I've been seeing pictures of sticks around, because we could sure use a little after this camp!
Warming up for some speeds with Rosie

"Strength" with Sadie

Skate threshold intervals at Soldier Hollow in our new Craft and L.L. Bean Gear!

Warming up with the girls

When you're tired and sore, this is the best kind of training

Physicals at the COE
See you in Vermont! (Jessie photo)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back To It!

After a long spring of adventures, the US Ski Team has reconvened in Park City for our kick off camp of the year! Unfortunately, I caught a bit of a cold on my way back from Mexico, so I'm taking a couple extra days easy to recover before the training begins tomorrow. It's a funny feeling to go from having been on the beach a few mornings ago to jumping into training, but I'm psyched and ready to get going. That must mean vacation was the perfect length!
Climbing in Mexico

After spending most of April in Vermont, Simi and I headed to Mexico in the beginning of May with the goal of trying to see a little bit of everything. We started out in northern Mexico and went climbing for a week with the rest of his family. I had been climbing a couple times before, but this was my true introduction to climbing and it was a good thing I enjoyed it, because it was quite the introduction! We were in El Protrero Chico, which is just northewest of Monterrey, Mexico. We went on a few adventure runs, but spent most of our days climbing. Luckily, everyone was very patient while I learned the ropes (no pun intended). I learned a ton and it was an incredible place to see.

Rocks for days!

A view of Hidalgo from the top of a rock

Al being Al

Jenny on top of one of the climbs

Simi and our tarantula friend

Jenny and our little friend, Aztec

Up, up, up
Where should we go tomorrow?

Saying goodbye to El Protrero Chico
After a week of climbing, we flew to Tulum for the wedding of a good friend of Simi's family. It was a very different setting than the previous week, but beautiful in a new way. After the wedding, we headed to Saladitas beach for a few days of surfing and relaxing before heading back to the states. The trip was a nice balance of different activities. I feel like we were able to experience many sides of Mexico and I returned eager to jump back into summer training.
Beach wedding

Ocean sunset flying into Zihuatanejo

Sunset at Saladitas beach

Papaya and lime - the best snack!

Bye beach, time to head back to the mountains!
The weather in Park City has been a little cold and rainy so far, but I'm enjoying being back with all my teammates and getting ready for the year ahead of us!