Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rookie Camp

I'm heading back east today after a busy and exhausting rookie camp. I don't think I've ever been so tired from doing so little! We had very scheduled days that consisted of many talks and group activities. I was the oldest at the camp and a lot of the other athletes were 13-16 years old! It was funny to see so many young people because I don't think a 13 year old has ever been developed enough to make the US Ski Team for nordic skiing, but then a lot of the freestyle sports have 15 year olds who are among the best in the world. I watched some of them on the trampolines and had no doubts in my mind that they deserved to be there - they were crazy and fearless. We learned a lot of very useful information about the resources that are available to us through the Ski Team and how we should take advantage of them. We also got to hear from a handful of current US Ski Team athletes who advised us on topics such as travel, competition, and media.
Athlete panel included Ms. Jessie Diggins!

Media practice with some of the athletes
Group activity

Another cool aspect of the camp was the introduction to the SemperPro program. SemperPro involves having a wounded warrior come to a US Team camp and participate and train with us for a few days. We were very luck to have Dan Gilyeat, a retired marine and amputee, join us for the week. He has an incredible story and is a very impressive man. I think we were all extremely grateful to have him there and found him to be very inspiring. The hope is that in return, US Ski Team athletes will take trips with the organization, American300, to visit our troops overseas and share our stories with them and provide them with some of the inspiration people like Dan have given to us.

Dan on the high ropes course

The group!
After rookie camp wrapped up, Jessie and I had one final strength session with our coach Michael. Michael has been a huge help these past few weeks. He's been very patient and I've been able to make some big strength gains and most importantly, I learned how to do cleans! After strength, we returned home to an amazing home-cooked Swedish summer solstice dinner made by teammate Liz Stephen. It was delicious and the perfect way to end our trip to Park City. Jason Cork has been practicing making bulle and I think he perfected his recipe last night!

Cork cutting up the bulle

The final product!
Before rookie camp started last week, Jessie and I did a little photoshoot with US Team photographer, Sarah Brunson. We haven't seen many of the pictures yet and I'm a little nervous because it involved way more makeup than I've ever worn in my life, but here are a few of the photos we've seen! Thanks to Sarah for being so accommodating and helpful with the two girls who know nothing about hair and makeup!
Jessie and Sarah

Jessie and Sophie

Noah tried on some of our fake eyelashes

Sarah, Ryon, and Jessie

I'm on my way back to Stratton and excited to see my friends, family, and teammates. The past 5 weeks have been awesome, but it's always nice to go back home!
Big girls in a little truck

Jessie with the Adams' new puppy, Prince!

Another delicious meal at the Adams'
On top of East Canyon after classic intervals

Our strawberry rhubarb crisp

we blew out a new candle each time one of our housemates left

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