Local Community

The local community is the backbone of our program.  By running ski clinics and hiking groups, working on the local trail systems, and training with young skiers on a regular basis, we’d like to inspire as much community interaction as possible.  Every one of our athletes understands that they would not be where they are today without positive role models who promoted a healthy lifestyle and they too hope to be role models, inspiring the athletes of tomorrow.  Thus, we integrate as much of our training as possible with the local youth groups and additionally, we are active in the general community with a message that promotes fitness and exercise.

Our efforts include:

-Hosting and running free clinics for local and regional skiers of all ages
-YMCA camp in New York City to introduce local youth to the sport of Nordic skiing and encourage healthy and active lifestyles
-Clearing and building new mountain bike trails in Dorset, VT
-Clearing and excavating trails for hiking and skiing in Stratton, VT
-Weekly training with the Stratton Mountain School junior skiers, Bill Koch League youth skiers, and other athletes in the area
-Volunteering with the Fast and Female events, which empower young women to stick with sports and go after their athletic dreams

SMS T2 Clinic

Bill Koch!

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