Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Showers

We actually haven't had TOO much rain this spring, but last Monday it was 70 degrees and then we woke up to snow a few days later, so I'm not really sure what season we're experiencing. After a few depressing days dealing with the stomach bug at our house (thank you, Dartmouth Ski Team;) ) things have been looking up. Dad is back to speeding around on his walker, I spent a few days in Boston and was able to watch my sister run the marathon, today I went up to the State House with some other Vermont Olympians and got to spend some time with our Governor Peter Shumlin, and I've been making time for some outdoor adventures and seeing a lot of friends I haven't seen for awhile.
April (snow) showers

We did a three peak challenge where we hiked up and skied down Stratton, Bromley, and Magic. The snow is disappearing quickly and I think this was probably the last day we could make it down (most of) Magic on skis. I tried skinning for the first time and also got to snowboard one of the mountains, which I probably hadn't done since 9th grade. Our adventure took all day, but left us happy and exhausted. Cheers!

Kate, Jamie, and Josh skinning up Bromley. 
I met up with future Olympian and US Ski Team fan, Malin, to do an interview for her school project. She asked some really great questions and I hope she never takes her US Ski Team hat off!
Siri Stolen sent me the best letter I received all winter while I was at the Olympics, so I sent her one of my World Cup bibs! Skinny Skis did a nice write up on it HERE
Dinner with Gregg...err Chase Marston!

Chase and  Fritz Horst happy to be reunited! We all went to SMS together and are still good friends, so it's always fun to see these guys.
Easter treats!

I went to Marblehead to visit my friends Heather and Jen and we dyed a basket full of Easter eggs. They're not the most beautiful things I've ever seen, but we made a few good ones. 

Me, Heather, and Jen at the Marblehead lighthouse
Two of the elite women finishing the marathon


Go Iz!
Iz and Dave at the finish. Dave ran a really impressive marathon and there's a great feature about his story HERE
Sochi Selfie with our friend and reporter, Stephen Watson of WCAX. HERE is his story from the day.

State House!
Five of Vermont's nineteen Olympians!

We were presented with beautiful Simon Pearce medallions

My date :)

Governor Peter Shumlin

Ida, Susan, Hannah, Liz and me on the steps of the State House
I'm home for a few more days before heading on a girls' trip to the beach for a week. I haven't been on a beach vacation in awhile and am looking forward to relaxing, beach biking, and pretending I'm swimming. By the time I get back it will be May and that means the training season begins...thanks for following!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Things

After Spring Series in Alaska, I had a few days at home before heading to DC for our White House visit. It was just enough time to unpack, do some laundry, and repack, but not quite enough time to clean my room! Traveling to DC was hands down the easiest travel day I've ever had. It was one direct flight that lasted about an hour and for once I wasn't dragging around a ski bag, so all I had with me was a carry on. Things to look forward to later in life. Our trip to DC was quick, but it was a really neat experience and I was very glad I went. Our first night there we had the Best of U.S. Awards Show. It was a lot of fun and it was an excuse to put on a dress, which also doesn't happen too often. The next morning, we put on our matching Nike windbreakers and headed to the White House to meet the president. I was under the impression that we were going to enter the White House around 10:00 and be out of there around noon. It ended up being a much longer day than that and I don't think we got back to our hotel until around 5:00, but it was worth it. After going through a bunch of security, we did a mini opening ceremonies march up to the White House lawn, where we got to meet the President's dogs and lounge on the lawn for awhile. Next, we got to walk through the White House and tour the rooms. We had boxed lunches waiting for us upstairs and had a little picnic on the floor of the White House! It took a long time to get organized into the line that we would walk in to shake President and Mrs. Obama's hands. When I finally got to the front of the line, I was so nervous that I was shaking and I have no idea what I said. I think I spat out something along the lines of, "thank you so much this is the coolest thing I've ever done." If I could do it again, I'm not sure those would have been the words I would have chosen to say to the President, but they were so nice and down-to-earth, and I even got a hug from Michelle! After we shook their hands, they each addressed the entire Olympic Team and Obama finished by telling us not to trash the house. My phone battery died the second I stepped into the White House, so I wasn't able to take many photos, but I stole a few from my friends.
Jessie and me on the way to the awards show

Nordie girls all dressed up (Sophie, Jessie, Sades, Liz, and Holly)

Liz sporting our high waisted "tummy-tucker" tights
Sadie and me at the awards show

I got to see my friend Janie who lives in DC

The red carpet we walked down

Jessie and me skipping away from the White House

Jumping pic on the White House lawn

Tying our windbreakers around our waists for Matt Whitcomb

The Obamas giving their speeches
It's been so wonderful to be able to spend more than two days at home. When I got back from DC, there was still a ton of snow, but the spring weather has finally set in and it's supposed to be 75 tomorrow! I've only been cross-country skiing once, but I've been alpine skiing a couple times, enjoying time with my friends and family, and helping my mom play nurse for my dad who just got a double hip replacement. I love running and I've started doing a little spring running which has left me permanently sore for the past two weeks. Last year I wasn't very smart about my spring running and jumped into a run with my sister and Annie who were marathon training and I injured my foot and basically wasn't able to run the rest of the spring or summer. I don't think I've run for more than an hour yet this spring and even though that's still enough to make me sore, I'm injury free and enjoying it!
Mr. Red

April skiing

Testing out my Swedish tights

Lil Mama

Annie time

Andy at Stratton

So good to be back with my FLood Brook Girls on the Run girls!

Sver making his way across our yard with his walker.....on the move! He's doing well.
Photographer John Hale sent me some great images from Anchorage Spring Series and even though I'm about two weeks too late in posting them, here are some more pictures from that week!
30km mass start

Chelsea, Kik, and Liz dressed up for my Birthday at the finish line!

30 km mass start

Annie, Erika, and Rosie

Liz, me, Sadie, and Holly

Me and Annie P