Sunday, October 14, 2012

Park City Update

Our time in Park City has been flying by! We've already been here 9 days and only have 3 or 4 more days until we head to Canmore. Everyone seems to be acclimating well and we've been able to begin doing some harder workouts. Our first hard workout was on Wednesday when we did some threshold double pole and classic striding intervals out past Jeremy Ranch. We were on a very scenic road with very little traffic. Here are some photos Gus took from that day.

The girls warming up


Girls doing intervals

Check out that synchronization!

Erika, Sophie, Eric, Annie, and Skyler on top of the pass

Gus keeping it pure

 Our other hard workout this week was a bounding workout on Saturday. We woke up to snow on the peaks of the mountains and some chilly weather but it warmed up a little and turned out to be a very tough workout. HERE is some video Bryan Fish took from the day.
Cold Morning for intervals

There is some snow behind those clouds!
We've also had some more scenic recovery workouts. I was able to go for a mountain bike ride with my friend Parker Tyler on the trails behind the COE and we also went on a beautiful distance run on the same trails and took a lot of pictures.

Eric Packer

We went and saw the movie Argo with some of our Dartmouth friends who are on the alpine USST and I think everyone who saw it would highly recommend it. We've also been experimenting with some new recipes and lately Annie has really nailed the seasonal cooking with her candy corn pretzel creations and her pumpkin snicker doodles.
Tomorrow morning Erika, Annie, Eric, Jessie, and I are all doing a VO2 Max test on the treadmill. I've never done one of these tests so I'm excited to try the rollerski treadmill but it will probably be painful since the goal is to go until we fall off. After testing tomorrow we might go get team pedicures since the nail place was booked when Gus tried to go today. Pictures to follow!

Morning View

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