Sunday, October 21, 2012


We made it to Canmore and so did the snow! We're still skiing on the same 1.8 km loop but we haven't gotten too sick of it yet and we got a bunch of natural snow yesterday. They were blowing snow today so maybe by the time we leave there will be some new loops opening up. Our travel day was pretty easy and uneventful. There were two highlights that day. Annie and I saw the tallest man we've ever seen in our lives and I discreetly took a picture that I will not post because that's creepy and I saw this rack full of jellybeans, my favorite food.
So many flavors!
Since arriving in Canmore, we've been doing A LOT of skiing. We generally ski for about 2 hours in the morning and then do 1-2 hours of something in the afternoon and that can be strength, skiing, running, or rollerskiing. We were supposed to rollerski yesterday afternoon to take a break from our snow loop but we weren't able to do that because of the snow so we went for a nice run on the World Cup trails.
Post ski (Annie, Sophie, Erika)

When we wake up each morning it's usually dark and cloudy and I never think it's going to turn into a nice day but I'm always wrong. It's not necessarily always bluebird skies and an endless amount of sun like Park City was but each day the sky and clouds are different and form some pretty spectacular views.

We're usually very tired during our down time and spend a lot of time reading, napping, watching movies, or checking out coffee shops. The coffee shop across the street has awesome muffins (hi annie!) and we've discovered a few other good ones in town. Yesterday Jessie, Annie, Erika and I went into town to get some tea and a treat and when we walked outside it was snowing so we took pictures until Jessie FINALLY cooperated and made a semi-normal face. Our internet isn't very good at our hotel so I don't know if I'll be able to do another update but I will try to! We have a 10km classic time trial tomorrow morning and a classic sprint time trail on Friday before we head home on Saturday.

Excited for snow!

Not quite...

Almost Jessie...
There we go!

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