Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Go With the Flow

If June in Vermont was beautiful and July in Alaska was sunny, August in Vermont has been sweaty. I had almost convinced myself that the sunny, dry weather was just going to follow me around the world this summer, but no, no, no. Regardless of whether it's been sunny, cloudy, or rainy, it has been HUMID in Vermont. But really what better way to feel like you're working hard than sweating out two gallons every morning? Sweating aside, it's been great to be back in Vermont with my SMS teammates and I'm looking forward to a couple more weeks here before heading to New Zealand for the first two weeks of September.

We had the Swedish club team that Kevin Cutts coaches join us for ten days. It was fun to have some international flavor at the workouts! Here I am with the Swedish girls after hammering out some double pole intervals

Showing off the new SMS Elite Team podium wear shorts with Erika

Catching some air during strength (Julia Kern photo)

Helping out at the annual SMS camps

Downhills are FUN!
Running with my cousins Alexa and Anya
Following Jessie during threshold skate intervals (Julia Kern photo)

Taking a turn pulling during skate intervals (Lillyphoto)

There are two feelings I love during the training season. One feeling is getting into a routine back with my club team in Stratton and the other is going with the flow and taking advantage of the opportunity for some adventures. These adventures are often in the form of climbing mountains and they might not always be the perfect training on paper, but I think the mental benefits that I get from them are what make them worth it. Over the weekend, we were supposed to do a running time trial on Thursday and then we were going to head to the White Mountains for a long run the day before my friend, Steph Crocker, was getting married at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. After taking a peek at the weather and seeing that the day we were planning on doing the running time trial was supposed to be the only nice day of the weekend, we called up coach Matt and proposed the idea of putting off the running time trial to do the Presidential Traverse that day. Two miles of running uphill hard and 24 miles of running in the mountains easy are pretty much the same thing, right? I'm lucky to have a coach who believes in opportunities for adventure, a boyfriend who is addicted to opportunities for adventure, and a cousin who is one tough cookie, so it was settled. After a 3:30 am wake up, Simi, my cousin Alexa, and I drove up to the Whites for a 7 am start time on the Presidential Traverse. It was a hot and sticky day down low, so it turned out to be the perfect day to be running across ridges up high. Eight hours, 24 miles, a lot of PB&Js, and three pairs of tired legs later, we had completed the traverse and were still smiling!

Experiencing a range of emotions across the traverse

Mt. Washington. Psyched!

Drink break
Lunch Break eating up some VT Peanut Butter!
Cool features on the AT

Almost there!
According to my Polar watch, I went a little above and beyond my recommended daily activity
After the traverse, we spent a couple relaxing days at Simi's aunt and uncle's home on Silver Lake in NH. It was the perfect way to recover and they have some pretty sweet mountain bike trails and water sports we were able to indulge in. Thanks Tots and Lol! By the time the wedding came on Saturday, we weren't walking around like we were 90 years old anymore and were ready for some dancing! The following morning, Andy, Erika, Simi, and I decided to go for a run just north of Hanover on our way back down south. Erika and I had done this run a handful of times while skiing for Dartmouth, but we somehow still managed to get lost and the run ended with a hitch hike back to the trucks. Luckily, we were all in good spirits about it. Like I said before...sometimes you have to go with the flow!

Before the wrong turn, on top of Mt. Cube with Erika

Lake time

Dartmouth '12 Ski Team girls with the beautiful bride, Steph!

Nothing like a little dancing to help flush the legs out (Gretchen Powers photo)
I have a medium block of training coming up and then an easy week before heading to New Zealand. I've been checking the New Zealand webcam daily and cannot wait to get back on snow, but first, it's time to do some more sweating. Thanks for following!
Warming up for specific strength at BMD this morning (SMS Nordic photo)

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