Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Alaska Camp!

We're halfway through our camp in Alaska and tomorrow we will be taking a helicopter up to Eagle Glacier for a week of snow skiing! After a few big weeks of training back in Vermont, I had an easy week before flying up to Alaska. I was able to enjoy some Vermont 4th of July activities and get a good dose of friends and family before heading west for a few weeks.

SMS T2 team photo!

Ski walking intervals with Andy (Caldwell Sport photo)

Run on the AT with Andy, Liz, Erika, and Annie

Double pole train (Reese Brown photo)

Rollerskiing in the 4th of July Parade

4th of July with cousin Alexa

Rollerski agility (Reese Brown photo)

5th of July with cousin Lilly!

We found Megan and her mom on the AT! They've been hiking since March and it was so nice to finally see them and greet them at the VT border
Dinner with our AT buddies

Exploring the Southern VT Art Center with Sim

Date at Hildene with Twink
So back to Alaska! We've been extremely lucky with the weather since we arrived in Anchorage. As a result, I feel like we've chosen a mountain to run up almost every day. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but we've done a lot of running and hiking up high and we've seen some pretty incredible places. It's also been fun to rollerski some new routes whether it's intervals in and out of Kincaid Park or an easy afternoon double pole through the city neighborhoods. I've loved seeing my USST teammates who I usually go most of the summer without seeing. It's always refreshing to have some new faces and energy at training camps. It's also been really special to see Kikkan and her new baby, Breck! He has a lot of USST aunties who have been passing him around any chance we get. We put in a solid block of volume this week with a couple speed and intensity sessions on top of that. Next week we will hold back on the intensity and really focus on volume to take advantage of putting some hours in on snow. Our international guest of this camp is Virgina DeMartin of Italy and it's been awesome to have her join us here. Follow us on social media to see some (hopefully sunny) pictures from Eagle Glacier this week!
On top of Wolverine Peak with the girls (Matt photo)

Hidden Lake (Grover photo)
Sodie Special! Matching day.
Hiking up Wolverine Peak (Jessie photo)
Baby Breck with Auntie Sadie
Chasing Sadie and Rose across the ridge today
Ida taking in the view
Matt and Ides above Symphony Lake
Having fun with Sadie and Rosie

Running back from Hidden Lake (sadie photo)