Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Back to VT

The final week of Bend camp flew by and now most of the SMS T2 crew is back in VT gearing up for a summer of solid training. Our last week in Bend consisted of a Fast and Female clinic, more hours on snow, and some fun afternoon dry land adventures including a trip out to Tumalo falls, which is one of my favorite places to visit in Bend!
Tumalo Falls (Erika photo)

Making our way under (Erika photo)

USST gals in our matching LL Bean gear

Classic speeds (flying point road photo)

Afternoon by the river

Fast and Female
After two big weeks in Bend, I was looking forward to a recovery week back home in Vermont. The first few days in VT were HOT and HUMID, which was a bit of a shock to the system after being in cool, dry Bend, but I quickly got used to it. Sweating more just means you're working hard, right? The Saturday after I got home, I went to Rutland, VT to be the speaker for the Girls on the Run VT 5k event that was being held at the fairgrounds. I hopped in the 5k with the girls and had a blast getting to know some young Vermonters who love to run. I'm a huge fan of the Girls on the Run Program and have had the pleasure of being a coach for a couple years at the elementary school I attended.
Heading towards the finish!

Ready to start
 My recovery week also consisted of attending my friend Gordon's wedding, getting out for a couple mountain bikes, hopping in the West River Trail race, and unpacking from Bend and repacking to move into our condo up at Stratton. Now that everyone is back in town, we're ramping up the training and the group is looking good and motivated for the summer ahead of us. Thanks for following!
Skiing with KO, Annie, and Erika (Pat photo)

Chasing KO in some skate threshold intervals (Pat photo)


Biking with my sister in Rutland


Cookie medal for the West River Trail run

Chasing Kam and Will through South Londonderry

Pre race with Isabel

Having fun at Gordon's wedding with Erika, Sam, and Sam