Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sick in Sun Valley

I didn't realize it at the time, but I guess the end of my season was after my sprint in Drammen a few weeks ago! Unfortunately, the evening we arrived in Sun Valley, I started to feel a little tickle in my throat that soon transformed into a full blown nasty cold. Depending on the year, spring series can be a really fun time to race, or it can be really miserable if you're blown out and ready to be finished. I actually was looking forward to racing in Sun Valley this year, but maybe my body was sending me a signal that it was ready to be done. After a few days in bed, I was able to go out and cheer my teammates on in the races. The Sun Valley weather lived up to its name and we saw bright sun every day except for one. Although the majority of the SMS T2 team was plagued by some kind of illness (I believe there were about three going around), those who were healthy made us proud and those who were sick had a good time being cheerleaders. Now it's time for a little break. Happy Spring!
I was able to celebrate my 25th Birthday while in Sun Valley! Being sick on your Birthday is a bummer, but my teammates made it a very special day.

Hanging out at the races with Erika and Liz

Hugging a Rose buddy after the 30k

KO continued to impress all week long!

Thanks to Sun Valley Resort and SVSEF for the alpine passes!

Crew on top of Baldy

On the way back we stopped to see my friends Parker and Hannah and their cute new pup

Pit stop in the desert! Pretty crazy to be skiing one day and in shorts and a t shirt the following day

We put on a clinic and fundraiser our last day and night in Sun Valley. Here Sadie and I practice backwards skiing with our new friend Sophia

One pole skiing with Jay
Morning agility group at the clinic

Team photo shoot in our new L.L. Bean and Craft gear!
We're THIS psyched to be working with Craft and L.L. Bean!
Thanks to Steve and Diana Strandberg for hosting us and hosting our fundraiser. And a big thank you to the Sun Valley community for being so kind and supportive.

And to the best teammates I could ask for...see you in a couple months!

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