Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NYC and Snowy Vermont!

After my teammates left Park City, I had one final week in Utah on my own. The perfect Park City weather held up and I had a lot of fun exploring the mountains, catching up with some non-skier friends, and doing a ton of physical therapy. I think it ended up being a good idea to stay in Utah because I made a lot of progress with my elbow and it's feeling great.
I went on my first run with my new elbow before Sadie headed back to Alaska.

Hiked out to Desolation Lake with Parker and friends

A panoramic view from the top of Deer Valley

A sunset run with Parker down in SLC after she got off work
On the way home from Park City, a group of us stopped in NYC for a few days to attend the US Ski Team Ski Ball. Going to New York City is always an interesting experience for me. It's exciting to see the city, but it's also overwhelming and exhausting. I want to see everything I can possibly see in a few days and then by the time I leave, I feel like I need to recharge for a year before coming back again. The Ski Ball was successful and it was fun to get dressed up and meet so many wonderful people who support the U.S. Ski Team. It also took place in the Museum of Natural History! We were able to go for a run in Central Park, walk up on the high line, attempt to navigate the subway system, and visit with a bunch of friends who currently live in the city. It was a jam-packed trip and I'm now very happy to be back home.

I saw my friends from Stratton, the Crowleys, at the Ski Ball

Simi on a morning run in Central Park

Dinosaur room!

Ski Ball with Simi
Ben with his ladies

Thanks to Raika Studios for the hairdos!

The USST athletes

 We arrived home to Vermont on Saturday night to some cold temperatures and the first snow of the year! There wasn't much snow at my house, but a big group of us ventured up a little higher for a run on Sunday afternoon and the ground was white. I'll be in Vermont for the next two weeks before leaving for Europe. My plan is to continue focusing on running, but to begin adding in a little rollerskiing. I went for my first rollerski yesterday and it felt surprisingly good! Sadie and I are doing a Sodie Training Rap for SkiTrax where we will be switching off every two weeks to give everyone a glimpse into our daily training routine. Check out the website HERE for more details.
Austin Cobb, Emily, and Isabel out at Griffith Lake

Baker Peak

The crew on top

Cuddling cats

First rollerski!

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