Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Practice for the 100k

This Saturday we are doing our annual 100k skiathon fundraiser. We map out a 100k route (62.1 miles) and it usually takes us about 6-7 hours. Not only is this an important fundraiser for us, but it's also a great event for team bonding. If you can roller ski for 7 hours straight and still love your teammates at the end, you're golden. If you're interested in donating to our SMS T2 team or any individuals on the team, visit http://smst2.wordpress.com/100k-ski-a-thon/ for information on the event and how to donate.
Our team at the end of our 100k Skiathon fundraiser last summer

Skiathon poster
Last week we had an easy recovery week after our two big weeks of training in Lake Placid. Since the 100k is only a week away, we decided it would be a good idea to do a long roller ski for our OD on Sunday. We ended up skiing 55kms and that felt pretty good, so all we have to do on Saturday is what we did Sunday...twice! Thanks to Coach Pat, we ended up making a day out of our adventure on Sunday and it was probably one of my favorite days of training of the year so far.

9:00 AM
The day began with sleeping in, because it is an easy week of course. Annie Pokorny is known for her famous waffles, so after sleeping in, we woke up to a pumpkin spice waffle breakfast put together by Annie (who doesn't know how to sleep in). They were absolutely delicious and a wonderful way to fuel the big ski we had coming next.
Waffle master Annie P and intruder Annie H

Pumpkin spice waffles topped with yogurt, bananas, raisins, and drenched in maple syrup. YUM!
10:45 AM
Coach Patrick rolled in to pick us up for our big ski. We skate skied the first half and classic skied the second half, so this meant each one of us had four skis, four boots, four poles, one helmet, a lot of layers, and a bag or two to stuff in the van.
And we're off!

New Swix drink belt (glorified fanny pack) keeping me hydrated!
We started our ski in Townshend VT. We got 15 minutes of questionable pavement out of the way at the beginning of our ski and had beautiful pavement with very little traffic the rest of the way. We also got most of the uphill out of the way in the beginning and the majority of the rest of the ski was flat and gradual down!
About to take off in Townshend (Andy photo)
Skating the first half of the ski (Pat photo)
About half way through the ski we switched from skate equipment to classic equipment. This meant unloading and reloading the van, fueling up, and then continuing on our way. The sun was out, the temperatures were perfect, and we enjoyed a very scenic ski that finished by climbing up West Hill in Putney.
Switching from skating to classic equipment (Pat photo)
Girls chase boys chase girls (Pat photo)

Sporting our new SMS T2 Podium Wear tanks! (Annie P didn't get the memo) (Pat photo)

VT cornfields (Pat photo)

At about 2:45, we ended our ski at my Grandparents' pond in Putney. A few people jumped in, then we changed out of our ski clothes and headed over to the O'Briens' house for a BBQ. Pat's parents, Deb and Will, cooked us up an amazing feast including fresh raspberries, ribs, pesto pasta, corn on the cob, tomatoes and mozzarella, and ice cream and raspberry chocolate banana bread. We spent the afternoon relaxing in the sun and stuffing ourselves with delicious food.
Nap time in the hammock

How does Goob feel about this day so far?
Before heading home, Pat and Will asked us if we wanted to go for a crane ride. Umm, YES! We spent the next hour taking turns soaring above the trees. It was a wonderful field trip and we feel a little more prepared for our 100k ski coming up. Thanks to the O'Briens for taking care of us!
O'Brien tree service rides!

On my way up

Jessie catching me on my way back down

Andy enjoying a sunset ride

Annie P taking in the view
Everyone is back in town and we're looking forward to our 100k on Saturday. Follow our progress on our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook Page and check out our Website for more information. Thanks for following!

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