Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quick Alaska Update

Our week of dryland training in Anchorage has come to a close. The girls head up to Eagle Glacier for a week of snow skiing while the boys arrive in Anchorage today for their week of dryland training before heading up to the glacier when we come back down. We had a really solid week of training down below, but I'm looking forward to flying up to Eagle and getting above the rain, clouds, and mosquitos. The weather actually hasn't been terrible, but we did have a couple days of rain and haven't seen too much sun. I have seen three bears and some moose though! As we were heading to bed two nights ago, a mama bear and her two cubs were in our driveway, so we all scrambled to the window in our pjs and sleepmasks to take about 70 blurry iphone photos of the bears. I guess it's not such a novelty when you live here, but I don't have bears in my backyard everyday at home, so I was pretty excited. I didn't take many photos from the week, but hope to be a better photographer on the glacier this week! We will have limited internet access, but I'm sure we'll be able to send a few updates back down to earth.

The mosquitos have been pretty bad, so this was Liz's solution to keeping them off her back during our run

Our awesome PT Zuzanna had us over for dinner one night and allowed us into her kids' playroom...

post ski smiles on top of Hatcher Pass (Erika photo)

View on Hatcher Pass

Mama Bear and her two cubs outside our window

Erika and me skiing up Hatcher Pass (Matt Whitcomb photo)

Caitlin digging into our Huevos Rancheros

Mama moose and her two babies outside our window this morning

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