Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Series in Photos

The season is over! We just finished up a busy week of racing in Anchorage and I have to admit, Alaska was pretty perfect. Each day we had sun and bluebird skies with temperatures ranging from 15-35 degrees. The skiing was great and it was so much fun to be reunited with my SMS T2 teammates. The Packer family very generously allowed us all to stay in their home and it felt so good to be staying in a real house after spending the winter in hotels. We had four races while in Alaska. The first race was a 10k skate, the second race was a classic sprint, the 3rd was a club relay, and the final race was a 30k classic. My races went pretty well and my favorite part of the week was the new addition to the Spring Series format, the club relay! We all painted our faces and were really excited for the team event. The two SMS T2 teams placed 2nd and 4th and I was really happy to be part of a team that was not only so speedy, but that also gets along so well. As fun as this past week and the whole season was, I'm ready for a little break and happy to be heading back home and hanging up the skis for a bit! I have a ton of photos from last week, so I'll let the pictures do the talking. Thanks for following!

Alpine skiing at Alyeska our last day in town

I had my 24th Birthday and my teammates made it a very special day. When I finished my race, all the girls were waiting for me in costumes at the finish line and singing Happy Birthday and then when I got home, my SMS teammates had set up a trail of 24 Birthday cards for me!

Classic sprint final of USST ladies (Rob Whitney photo)

Men's 50km cheering squad/feed station

Birthday bash at the finish line

Eagle cry cheer after our sprint final

Annie, Simi, Ben, Jessie, Andy, and me cheering on Erika as she crosses the finish and brings her team to 4th place in the relay

Eric took us on an off day ski out to Portage Glacier. It was beautiful!

Tired legs post 30k

Jessie striding out in our new podiumwear suits!

Kik cooked up a delicious seafood feast for us one night!

Family dinners at the Packer house

And the view each evening

Annie P in the 10k skate

Classic sprint podium

Relay mustache

Relay mustache

Eight athletes and Coach Gus

Relay podium

Ski out to portage

Start of the 30km

We had a champ camp one day with a great turnout from the local kids. We skied and played games for an hour and then introduced ourselves and did A LOT of autograph signing

Pulling a train of my new best buds

Sadie leading a train down the hill

Jessie, Annie, and me attacking Erika at the finish of the relay

SMS team cheer


Trying to figure out what was happening after crossing the line on my Birthday

Birthday treats!

Relay mustaches

Annie and Erika about to head out on our ski

We spent a lot of time completing the daily puzzles in the newspaper each morning

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