Friday, January 31, 2014

Sieser Alm in Photos

 We finished up our pre-olympic training camp in Sieser Alm on Wednesday and came down to Toblach for the final weekend of World Cup races before the Olympics! I know I've said this already, but I think Seiser Alm was the most beautiful place I've been. We had bluebird skies and sun most days and even when it was cloudy, it was still beautiful. Everyone is in a really good place and excited for the next few weeks ahead of us. The races in Toblach this weekend are a 10k classic and a skate sprint. I will only be racing the sprint. We are also getting hammered with snow right now. I can't remember the last time I saw a snowstorm like this. In the past 20 hours, we've gotten about 2.5 feet of snow and it's supposed to continue snowing through the weekend! We are heading to Munich on Sunday afternoon after the races. We will have a couple days of processing there before heading to Sochi on Tuesday! Here are some photos from our camp in Seiser Alm and I will try to get another report up after the races this weekend. Thanks for following!
Our home for the last week - Hotel Panorama (Holly photo)

All smiles after interval day!

The team

Big Gus!

Gus and Simi digging for Gus's lost pole tip

Sledding without sleds with Sadie

Another perfect Seiser Alm day!

Sunset ski

Jason, Simi, and I went down to Toblach to go for a ski and visit the U23s and Jrs. I hadn't seen my teammates, Annie and Ben, since I left in Novemeber, so it was a happy day! (Ben, Annie P, Sophie, Matt Boobar)

SMS T2 in Seiser Alm with coach Gus

Frolicking in the snow with Liz ( photo)

Liz, Noah, and I came down off the mountain to explore a nearby town and go out for pizza. It was the perfect break from living on top of the mountain and the pizza was delicious! 


We are in charge of waxing our own skis this week. Good thing we had to do that at SMS and Dartmouth! ( photo)

An evening game of Sequence
Liz, Holly, and me in our NNF buffs #goNNF
Last sunset in Seiser Alm

U23s and World Juniors are happening in Val di Fiemme right now, so it's been fun to be able to watch the races on TV. Here is my teammate, Annie P. before the start of her first international sprint heat! WOO! Be the waffle!
Always good to have Gus around

Andy and Sadie soaking up some final Seiser Alm sun

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  1. Sophie, I can't tel you how excited my whole family is to watch you in the Olympics! All of our thoughts are are with you and could not be more proud to have an Olympian in the family. I even had my 6 and 8 year old up late enough to watch you in the Opening Ceremony!! Good luck and enjoy every single second! Best wishes, Josh and the rest of the Nussbaumer family