Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lillehammer to Davos

Our week in Lillehammer was a lot of fun and it was highlighted by the fact that we got to start two women's relay teams on Sunday! Each relay team is four people, and since we have eight women in Europe right now, we were able to start two teams for the first time ever. In addition to starting two relay teams, Sadie had another amazing race in the 10k classic where she got 7th and our first relay team consisting of Kikkan, Sadie, Liz, and Jessie got 3rd place, tying their best ever relay result. It was so awesome to see the US standing on the podium next to Norway and Finland. I was on the second relay team and we also had a great time and placed 12th. I felt really good for my leg and was able to come in right around the lead pack, so I was pretty excited about that! All races are posted HERE about a day after they happen and HERE is a little video highlighting the US women's relay teams on Sunday.
All eight women at the finish with our relay socks!
Podium shot!
Sadzarue in the leader's chair!

Proud of you, little rodent!
I was only racing once last weekend and had a pretty big week of training in Lillehammer. Liz had a similar schedule, so I had a lot of fun training with her and exploring the surrounding ski areas. The Lillehammer stadium is the end of the Birkebeiner and we were able to check out other segments of the Birke at Sjusjoen and Nordseter.
Me and Liz in the Lillehammer stadium

Sadie, Rosie, and me
Posing with the fastest man in the world
Our adventure from Nordseter to Sjusjoen (I'm not sure what this snow falling business is in my photos)

Dark, but pretty Norwegian sky
I experienced my first big snow storm of the year while I was in Lillehammer and happened to have two skis scheduled for that day. The first workout was an interval session and by the end I felt a little like a snowplow. For my second ski, Matt and I went for a night ski with headlamps on the race course. I hadn't been night skiing for a long time and forgot how much fun it is. For some reason you always feel like you're going a lot faster than you really are when it's dark out!
Post intervals in the snow storm (Will, Liz, Kris, Sophie)
The town of Lillehammer is beautiful and with the new snow and lights it really put you in the Holiday spirit. Holly and I also made an attempt to make our room In Lillehammer cozy and Christmasy with some decorations and the occasional Christmas music.
On Monday, we flew to Davos, Switzerland. I've only been to Davos once, but it already feels like a home away from home. We stay in Hotel Kulm, the same hotel my uncle stayed in when he was on the US Ski Team! Everyone here is so welcoming and friendly and the sunshine doesn't hurt either ;). This weekend there is a distance skate race on Saturday and a skate sprint on Sunday. I will only be racing on Sunday. We are also doing a Secret Santa tonight, so I need to go do my final preparations. Here are some photos from Davos! Also, HERE is an interview I did for Fischer about the upcoming season and other random things!
Sunny ski our first day in Davos

Jessie happy to be in Davos

Sadie and I rode in the back of the plane, but had a Sodie row to ourselves. We were also successfully the last two people off the plane, which we thought was pretty cool.

The chocolate of Switzerland!

Soaking up some sun on the deck

Andy enjoying the sun
The tiny gym in Davos that all the athletes try to use at once!

Jessie and I made a little stop to get Christmas earrings and some other decorations for our room
Sleepy bunny, Walter, and our elves guarding our beds in Davos