Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Recovery Week

After three big weeks of training out west, I was ready for a recovery week when I came home. We had about five easy days before jumping back into harder training this weekend. It's so nice to be home and it's scary how fast my time here is disappearing. 10 days until Europe! Last week I spent some time in Boston visiting Dan, I visited my sister and brother in Hanover, and I have been been loving the beautiful late fall weather we've had since I got back to Stratton. We have a big week of training this week including our NNF fundraiser hill climb on Saturday. Come over for the day to support a great cause and to find the snow on top of Stratton!
Showing off our new SMS T2 sports bras in Park City (Jessie didn't get the memo)

The SMS Girls
We've been training with the SMS kids as much as possible. They just switched from morning to afternoon classes, so now they have all morning to train with us!
Boston with Dan

Hike up Stratton with momma, Chase, and Gypsy

hiking with the Marstons' dog, Gypsy

Daniel with his Haitian murse

Logon Eisenson

Chaser and me on top of Stratton

I see snow!

Annie and Erika hard at work making homemade sushi


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