Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sprint Day and Fast & Female

On Sunday, we hosted a Fast & Female in Bend. I've done previous posts on the various Fast & Females I've been lucky to be a part of across the country and here is one more to add to the list of new F & F locations for me! Many of the Canadians are also having a training camp in Bend right now, so we had a handful of Canadian ambassadors, including olympic gold medalist and good friend of the US Ski Team, Chandra Crawford! Sadie and I were in charge of the youngest group, the 9-11 year olds. They were adorable and so excited to be there. Our stations consisted of Dancing with Diggins, core with Kikkan and Chandra (which ended up being imitating different olympic sports instead), and relay races with Liz and Rosie. After our outdoor activities, we had a healthy snack, listened to some inspirational talks from the ambassadors, had a Q&A session, and finished off the day with zumba and autographs. I was exhausted by the end so I can't imagine how all the little girls or dancing Diggins felt. It was a huge success and here are some photos that show how much fun we had. Thanks to Matt Whitcomb for the photos!

Dancing Diggins!

human train with Kikkan in the lead!


HA HA game

relay races

I got to join one of our teams

Liz and Chandra
Our boys sporting their "I support Fast & Female" trucker hats! (Jessie photo)
Walking to F&F with our pink and black outfits!

We came back from Fast and Female tired and hungry and were greeted with an amazing meal made by University of Oregon's Adam Korzun. Adam used to be the nutritionist for the USST and now works for Oregon so he was kind enough to make the trip over to see us while we're in Bend. Huge thanks to Adam for all your help and tasty cooking! Yesterday was a big day of training with a classic team sprint in the morning and strength in the afternoon. It was rainy and cold for the classic sprint, but we managed to have a high quality, "character building" workout. It was fun to go hard again and be able to do it with my teammates, who also happen to be some of the fastest girls in the world! Here are some photos from the wet day of racing, courtesy of Bryan Fish.
Erik striding out

Kikkan, Ida, Sophie
Sadie and Rosie enjoying some post rainy workout cupcakes!

Tasty shrimp and pork tacos, Mexican tabouli, and veggies made by Adam
Holly, Jessie, Sades, and Liz keeping warm in our OnePiece onesies after the rainy intervals!

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