Monday, March 25, 2013

Home Sweet Home

It's been so nice to be home. I was pretty tired after traveling back to the US and had a very relaxing week before heading to Craftsbury over the weekend. It was easy to stay off my feet because we were basically snowed in when winter storm Ukko left us with over a foot of fresh snow last week. The timing was perfect because as soon as the snow fell, Packer, my sister, and brother all came home and I had great company for some awesome skis right next door at Wild Wings!

First day of spring ski with my sister

sporting the norweigan jacket I traded my yellow puffy for

plenty of snow here!
I also took a trip up to Waterbury, VT to visit my good friend Mae Foster on St. Patty's day and we went for an awesome backcountry ski at Stowe. In addition to going for some great skis, I've been enjoying family time and cat time, (slowly) unpacking and doing laundry, and celebrating birthday week! My 23rd birthday was March 22nd and my sister and brother's 21st birthday is today so they were my 2nd birthday present. There are also a handful of our other friends' March birthdays right around ours so we are calling it birthday week. Actually, I believe the real reason it's called birthday week is because Austin decided an entire week should be dedicated to their 21st birthday but I can pretend mine adds to the excitement.
backcountry with maemae

Dudley Rose

snacks with iz

bday cake!
bday dinner with dad and Twinkle

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Red's favorite hiding place

Birthday Girls! Janey and I share a bday
The Stratton team headed up to Craftsbury for the annual Spring Tour and we were greeted by perfect spring skiing conditions! There were a lot of college skiers there from UVM and Dartmouth, the Green Team, the Stratton skiers, and a handful of other skiers. I had a lot of family up there including my immediate family as well as my cousins, Paddy and Anya, and Zach, Amy, and Gunnar so I was happy to be there for many reasons! The races were a classic prologue on Friday, skate sprint on Saturday, and a classic pursuit 10k on Sunday. The races went well and I ended up winning the tour! It was a fun weekend and great to be back with so many people I didn't see all winter.

SMS girls and Erik
lunge for the line with Gunnar

coaches Sver and Liz

Paddy had a great weekend!

prologue (Brooke Mooney photo)
My time at home is going by too quickly but I'm excited to get out to Truckee and enjoy the racing and sun at Spring Series. Most of the Stratton team is heading out on the 31st and then we start racing soon after on the 4th. That's all for now!

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