Thursday, December 27, 2012

Home for the Holidays

I'm currently in the Albany airport on my way out to Utah for Nationals. Hopefully my flight will depart on time because we just got a huge snowstorm in the northeast and I know a lot of people traveling today who were not so lucky. I had a very nice trip back home that ended up being a little more relaxing than I had planned because I caught a cold the day I got back. My legs were very tired after Canmore so I was happy to take a little break from training but it's never fun to be sick, especially when you have skiing in December for the first time in three years! I flew into Boston and visited Dan for a few days before coming back to Vermont. I had a great time and spent just enough time in each place to spread my cold through both of our families. Just kidding, so far no one else is sick!

Heading east!

Getting in the Christmas spirit
I started to feel better after about a week and was able to get some great skiing in the past few days. It was fun to catch up with friends and family while being home and in addition to skiing I baked a lot of cookies, ate delicious food (thanks mom!), and spent some quality time with my cats. I wish I could have stayed home for a little longer but I'm looking forward to being in Utah and racing at Nationals. Here are some photos that sum up my week at home. See you in Utah!

Christmas evening with my sister

Awkward family photo

Reindeer cookies
Dad's cinnamon bread



more cookies with Dan

looking festive with Red and Dudley Rose
Christmas tree

a Peru sunrise

Dudley Rose with her catnip

and one more cookie photo


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